Seismic Upgrades / Renovations

UW Husky Union Building Renovation

With a $128.3 million budget, this 5-story building renovation increases the area from 260,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet. A large portion of the exterior will be updated and a new 3-level atrium, a new auditorium, student lounges and meeting spaces, and a new bookstore will all be added. Renovations of food service areas and a bowling alley are also a part of this project. Inspections include reinforced concrete, shotcrete, masonry, proprietary anchors, ul

Lincoln High School Renovation

This $75 million renovation project consisted of a complete modernization of the main building, a 30,000-square-foot, 3-story addition, and structural upgrades and improvements to additional buildings. As a part of the seismic upgrades, 13 shear walls were installed extending from grade to the floor of the attic.  Inspections include reinforced concrete, epoxy grouted anchors, expansion anchors, masonry, structural steel fabrication and erection, fireproofing

PSU Shattuck Hall Seismic Upgrade

$13 million seismic upgrade to existing historic academic building at the Portland State University Campus.  Inspections include reinforced concrete, shotcrete, epoxy grouted and expansion anchors, and structural steel fabrication and erection, ultrasonic testing and load testing.